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The coaxial floating connector is the SMB interface and the data rates can up to 6GHz. Dimensions: 4.14x4.16x5.41mm

The coaxial floating connector is the SMB interface and the data rates can up to 6GHz. Dimensions: 4.14x4.16x5.41mm

The High-Speed Floating Coaxial BTB Connector (Patent-pending)

Kinsun is now developing the high-speed floating coaxial board-to-board connector. The connector features a high transmission speed of up to 6GHz and a patent-pending floating design, which can absorb ±0.5mm clearance in X, Y, and Z directions. The scheduled launch time is in Q3 2022.

31 Mar, 2022 KINSUN

Nowadays, as the high growing demand for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI), and Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) based on 5G data transmission in the automotive industry, the use of high-speed connectors become more and more imperative for car designers. Kinsun high-speed floating coaxial connector can support the data rates up to 6GHz based on SMB FAKRA connector interface, which can suit most vehicular data transmission rates. Additionally, the floating structure of the contact spring inside the connector can allow the connector to absorb alignment errors in assembly to avoid the rework effort and maintain transmission efficiency during operation.

Angus Zheng, the senior sales specialist of Kinsun, led the market research team of this project. He said, "In the future, the car will be like a smartphone, and the brain inside the car will be pretty fast. The connectors need to be kept up with it." Zheng continued, "We know the advantage of board-to-board connectors is they can get rid of the wiring and save the space, but sometimes it comes with the problem of cumulative tolerance, which leads to an assembling failure; the floating structure however can solve this problem. We look forward to introducing it to the market."


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The High-Speed Floating Coaxial BTB Connector (Patent-pending) | 35 Years Modular Jacks & Waterproof Connectors Solutions Provider | KINSUN

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