Microwave transmission

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Microwave transmission Supply | Professional Manufacturer of Electronic Components - KINSUN

KINSUN Industries Inc. is a Microwave transmission | electronic components supplier based in Taiwan since 1986. TS16949 & ISO certified, 2,000 per minute production of waterproof Connector, Modular Jacks, RF Antennas, PCB Jack and stamping parts with more than 33 years of professional experience.

Custom manufacturer of electronic components including waterproof connectors, automotive electrical connectors, RF antenna, m12 connectors, mini fit, etc. ISO-9001:2015, IATF-16949:2016 (Relay Stamping Part) & ISO-14001:2015 electronic components manufactured at an over 40,000 square meter plant, 600 employees.

KINSUN has been offering customers high-quality Microwave transmission, both with advanced technology and 33 years of experience, KINSUN ensures each customer's demands are met.

Microwave transmission

RF Antenna Modules with Frequency Range of 470 to 862MHz.
RF Antenna Modules with Frequency Range of 470 to 862MHz.

Kinsun provides various Microwave transmissions with relialbe quality, such as Antenna, RF Coaxial Cable, RF Connector and so on.

  • Antenna - RF Antenna Modules with Frequency Range of 470 to 862MHz.
    Professional Manufacturer of RF Antenna in TAIWAN.

    KINSUN is a reliable, well-developed and professional manufacturer of RF Antenna, providing WiFi 6 Antenna, LTE Antenna, IoT RF Antenna, UHF Antenna, DVBT Antenna, GSM Antenna, GPS Antenna, 2.4GHz Antenna, 5.8GHz Antenna, WiMAX Antenna and also Antenna for 5G are now under development. Products of superior quality and competitive price are our steadfast guarantee to our customers. Our RF Antenna is available in a variety of sizes and specifications, ensuring durable and trouble-free use.If you are searching for RF Antenna, please feel free to contact us.

  • Coaxial Cable - RF Coaxial Cable Assembly
    Coaxial Cable

    KINSUN was established in 1986, a manufacturer specializes in high performance RF & Microwave Coaxial Cables. We offer high quality Coaxial Cables that are known for durability and strength. For more than 30 years, each foot of cable we produce is manufactured to our stringent specifications, as if it's the most important length we will ever produce. The result is a cable that can carry more bandwidth over longer distances, with customer-pleasing signal clarity.

  • RF Connector - RF Coaxial Connector Jack for PCB Mount
    RF Connector
    Professional Manufacturer of RF Coaxial Connector in TAIWAN.

    KINSUN is one of the world's largest manufacturer of RF connectors with experience extending over 30 years. Our complete line of RF coaxial connectors, include circular connectors, SMA Female Connector & MCX Connector. Our specialty is the design and manufacture of precision RF and Microwave coaxial connectors. Our goal is to provide you with: Unmatched customer service; Unequaled engineering expertise; Unparalleled manufacturing capability.