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Cable assembly - Kinsun Supply | Professional Manufacturer of Electronic Components - KINSUN

KINSUN Industries Inc. is a Cable assembly - Kinsun | electronic components supplier based in Taiwan since 1986. TS16949 & ISO certified, 2,000 per minute production of waterproof Connector, Modular Jacks, RF Antennas, PCB Jack and stamping parts with more than 33 years of professional experience.

Custom manufacturer of electronic components including waterproof connectors, automotive electrical connectors, RF antenna, m12 connectors, mini fit, etc. ISO-9001:2015, IATF-16949:2016 (Relay Stamping Part) & ISO-14001:2015 electronic components manufactured at an over 40,000 square meter plant, 600 employees.

KINSUN has been offering customers high-quality Cable assembly - Kinsun, both with advanced technology and 33 years of experience, KINSUN ensures each customer's demands are met.

Cable assembly - Kinsun

Professional manufacturer of stamping part in TAIWAN.

Cable Assembly
Cable Assembly

KINSUN INDUSTRIES Inc. provides a wide variety of cable assembly, wire processing services, including USB Cable, RF Coaxial Cable, Networking Cable, Valve Cable, Bike Brake Switch Cable, Sensor Cable, Actuator Cable, Micro Litz Cable and all kinds of Fit Cable, etc.

Our advantages:
In the startup, KINSUN INDUSTRIES Inc. was focusing on producing Rivet model, Jig, and then we began to develop various molds for our customers, including plastic injection mold, metal stamping mold, and so on. Possessing extensive experiences in such background, we have well-equipped tooling center with professional technique. Therefore, we are able to modify the manufacturing process with flexibility to reach high-efficiency output by providing all kinds of Tools, Assistive Devices and Test Machines when producing cable assembly.

  • Automotive Connector - Kinsun - Automotive Connector, Fakra HSD Connector.
    Automotive Connector - Kinsun
    Automotive Connector with more than 30 years of professional experiences.

    We develop energy-effective, reasonable price, easy-to operate and durable Automotive Connector that tends to cater to the demands of optimum performance.

  • Cable Assembly with Circular Connector-Kinsun - Cable Assembly with Circular Connector
    Cable Assembly with Circular Connector-Kinsun
    Cable Assembly with Circular Connector

    KINSUN supplies a variety of cable assembly circular connectors, especially the M12 Connector cable assembly is hot seller in the market. These wires are generally covered in two types of material, PVC & PUR, which comply with UL2646 & UL2517 & UL20549. Different UL cables can be assembled according to customer needs. The internal structure can also be optional, such as braided wire, Al-Foil, and Ground wire. The wire diameter (OD) ranges from 18AWG to 28AWG, and the number of conductor pins can be customized. Moreover, the wafer connected to the end of wire can be chosen from 2pin to 17pin. The compound cables with power cables and signal cables of M12 connector would be possible as well. According to different requirements, it can be customized to separate the power cables and signal cables in different ways. Since M12 D code and M12 X Code are used for network communication, the cables will use Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A and other high transmission speed cables. Regarding overmolding, Kinsun in order to strengthen the waterproof function of products above the IP67 level, specially uses two injection manufacturing processes, which are divided into inner mold and outer mold. To ensure customers the quality.

  • Micro Litz Cable Assembly-Kinsun - Litz Cable Assembly
    Micro Litz Cable Assembly-Kinsun
    Micro Litz Cable Assembly

    Micro Connector KINSUN supplies Micro Litz Cable Assembly, the outer diameter (OD) of the cable does not exceed 0.9mm. Kinsun can assemble maximum 8 pin conductors, customer designate accessories, and plastic over-molding with such a tiny cable. Adding waterproof facilities in the miniature connectors would be option for customer. The entire volume is within 2 cubic millimeters (2mm³), and Kinsun also offers the mating socket. KINSUN's miniature connectors are currently widely used in mobile devices and medical applications (such as hearing aids), and continue to develop thinner, narrower range space and faster signal transmission speed products to meet customers' requirements for product reduction and various functional evolution.

  • USB Cable Assembly-Kinsun - USB Cable Assembly
    USB Cable Assembly-Kinsun
    USB Cable Assembly

    The USB cable provided by KINSUN Group has: USB 2.0 to MICRO USB CABLE USB 2.0 to USB 2.0 FEMALE CABLE (90° & 180°) USB 2.0 to TYPE C CABLE USB 2.0 to TYPE C ADAPTOR USB 2.0 to M12 4 PIN CABLE USB 2.0 to M8 4 PIN CABLE USB 3.0 to MICRO USB CABLE USB 3.0 to TYPE C CABLE USB 3.0 to RJ ADAPTERThere are various combinations of USB Cable Connector. According to the different ways of use of customers, we will try our best to manufacture the products that customers want. This is our advantage because we have a well-equipped, technically professional mold center that can provide all The molds, tools, assistive devices, and various test machines used in wire assembly production that can be modified at any time to achieve high-efficiency output.

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