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Welcome to KINSUN Industries Inc.

KINSUN is certificated by IATF-16949, ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and we maintain a well-organized team to perform our quality management system.

A professional Manufacturer of various Connectors, Antennas and Stamping parts.

Kinsun has a diversified presence across various electronics industries: Automation, Automotive, Electronics Sensor, Industrial, IOT Signal, Mobile devices, Military, Medical, Security system and Telecommunication, and so forth. As the partner of enterprises worldwide, we provide high quality Ürünlerimiz with flexible lead time and competitive price. Our goal is to innovate constantly to overcome challenges with advanced connectivity and sensor solution. With sustainable development as the key priority for Kinsun Industries, we insist on not only conducting environmentally friendly manufacturing processes that meet the standard of ISO14000, but our factories also implying green policy in every perspective. The picture shows the solar panels roof of Kinsun's headquarter in Taoyuan.

Our Ürünlerimiz are widely used in the IoT, Telecommunication, Industrial, Medical, Automotive industries.

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    M12 Su Geçirmez Konektör

    Kablo montajları ve IP67, IP68 sınıfı için 3 ila 8 pin fişli M12 su geçirmez konektörümüz. Uluslararası belgelendirme vardır: UL, ISO 9001,...

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  • RF Anteni
    RF Anteni

    KHİNUN UHF Anten, DVB-T Anten, GSM Anten, GPS Anten, 2.4GHz Anten, 5.8GHz Anten, WiMAX Anten vb. Ürünlerimiz üstün kalite ve rekabetçi...

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  • Mini Fit ve Mikro Fit
    Mini Fit ve Mikro Fit

    Güç uygulamaları için çoklu devre boyutlarında ve kablo uzunluklarında bulunan Mini Fit ve Micro Fit Konnektör, 12.0A maksimum akım...

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